Publishing and Blog Update

It’s been a while! January 11th to be exact. In my last blog update I warned that this year would see less posts (even though I promise my goal is still one a month). I just completed my latest semester at UF so I’m hopeful that the summer months will give me more time to catch up on some blogs. 

That said, I’ve got some big news to officially announce in regards to two publishing items. Last year saw my writing win an essay contest and result in my first ever published (online) article/essay at Mere Orthodoxy. It was on my favorite chronicle of Narnia, the classic The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I’m not going to lie, as much as I love posting these blogs, it was pretty exciting to actually have my writing published on another website (not to mention one of my favorites!).

Well, the first update in the publishing world doesn’t relate much to what I write here, but I just had another first, and that was an article being published in print. It was a technical piece on communication for fire service leaders. More related to what I do here, it was cool to be able to use my favorite apologetic book as a primary reference in a secular journal. You never know, a title like Reading Genesis Well: Navigating History, Science, Poetry, and Truth might just catch someone’s attention. Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this one too as I’d been working on and off on that article for a few years. I’m also hoping it will function as a foot in the door to writing more for this trade journal (Fire Engineering). 

The second update has been about five or more years in the making. I will be publishing my first novel in October 2023! The title is Redeeming Royalty: Anthro and the King of Lux. So, it’s not just a novel, but functionally is a holistic apologetic. It uses allegory to tackle some of the hardest questions that Christianity is faced with, all while offering a compelling story along the way. Its release will be timed to launch at the Palm Beach Atlantic University’s second annual apologetics conference as the publisher has secured a table for that event. 

I haven’t made that announcement yet on other social media platforms and will be holding off until I have the cover art finalized. But, I felt like it was time to touch base here and let you know what I’ve been up to and why I’ve been slacking on the blog posts lately. I look forward to getting a few posts out this summer and getting some more info about Redeeming Royalty out there before the release. Stay tuned! 

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