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Breeding Geldings: The Bottomless Pit of Materialist Morality

Abstract: This essay will briefly examine the nature of morality from within a strictly naturalistic or materialistic perspective and will argue that within such a framework morality itself cannot establish a reason for one’s adherence to it. Why should human beings be moral? That seems like a simple question, I mean, who doesn’t want to… Continue Reading →

“That’s Just Your Interpretation” On Trial

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve heard it. You assert that you believe that the Bible teaches a certain doctrine, typically while taking a stance for the historically orthodox position, and the person you are speaking with gives you a scornful look and says, “Well, that’s just your… Continue Reading →

Chillin’ in FairyLand with Chesterton and Friends

Perhaps nothing should capture the imagination as powerfully as the wonder of Creation. Even the simplest things, when humbly observed, should kindle a sense of the extraordinary. In our highly scientific and technological age we so easily lose sight of how marvelous, how strange, how captivating, our little blue dot really is. Anyone familiar with… Continue Reading →

Does Old Earth Geology Presuppose Naturalism and Uniformity?

Abstract: This article will look at two common objections leveled against old earth geology by the modern movement known as Young Earth Creationism. It will argue that old earth geology neither presupposes naturalism nor uniformity. It will describe the most problematic presupposition that is a negative factor for both science and faith, which is methodological… Continue Reading →

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