C.S. Lewis’ Warning to Apologists

There have been very few more effective Christian apologists in the last century than C.S. Lewis. His writings, both fiction and non-fiction, have brought many to the faith and persevered the faith of many more. When such a man gives a warning to fellow apologists (and all Christians are called to at the very least... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Listening Well

One of the reasons I love Christianity is for its rich anthropological vision. Being a Christian allows us to take the humanity and the personhood of individuals with a seriousness and beauty that few, if any, worldview can. Our fellow humans can never be viewed as merely means to an end, but must always be... Continue Reading →

The Apologetics of Blaise Pascal

I've been pretty swamped recently and am a little behind on my blog posts, as I've been trying to put the finishing touches on the book I've written. Typically, I try to release content once every two weeks. That's still my goal, but don't be surprised if there is the occasional delay for the next... Continue Reading →

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