A Taste of My Fiction: The Dehumanizing Effect of Sexual Fantasy

The majority of my blog posts are non-fiction, with the occasional poem thrown in from time to time, but I rarely exhibit any of my fiction. I’ve completed one work of fiction and have been trying to gain some traction with another one, with little success (I’m hoping this post might spur me on a … Continue reading A Taste of My Fiction: The Dehumanizing Effect of Sexual Fantasy

Division, Unity, and Pride in the Church

If there is one thing Protestants are great at, it’s dividing. I mean, we were literally born from division and we only exist as long as division within Christendom remains an unfortunate reality, we should all long for the day when there is nothing left to protest. Clearly, as I remain a committed Protestant, I … Continue reading Division, Unity, and Pride in the Church

C.S. Lewis and Faith Deconstruction

Over the last few years there has been a growing movement that encourages Christians to deconstruct their faith, essentially with the process not allowing for one wall of belief to stand tall and to be sure that not even that stubborn foundation of belief remains! Only at that point can the “Christian” (perhaps De-Christian would … Continue reading C.S. Lewis and Faith Deconstruction

No Christian, That’s Called Pornography

Recently, I was having a conversation with some friends where we lamented the fact that so many Christians, including many within our own church, are comfortable with not just watching but publicly endorsing Game of Thrones. (I have never watched an episode of GoT, for reasons that will follow, therefore, if in anything I speak … Continue reading No Christian, That’s Called Pornography