13 “One-Liners” from The Gospel Coalition National Conference 2019

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 National Conference. It was a week to remember and there is much I could write about but I thought I would just leave thirteen of the best one (or two)-liners that either challenged me or I thought were just generally impactful or worth reflecting on.

  1. “If you haven’t read a gospel as an adult you are not informed enough to accept or reject Christianity.” (“Skeptics Welcome” Panel discussion)
  2. “Don’t start evangelizing a Muslim until you’ve got a spare room ready for them to move into.” (“Skeptics Welcome” Panel discussion)
  3. “Do not be too familiar with Jesus.” (Kevin DeYoung, paraphrase)
  4. “Don’t let general themes override exegesis.” (DeYoung)
  5. “Imagine if we spent more time teaching and cultivating Christian kindness instead of glorifying and spreading worldly sarcasm.” (Jen Wilkin, paraphrase)
  6. “The Gospel is irreducibly doctrinal.” (Ligon Duncan)
  7. “When doctrine goes wrong it is either bad doctrine or bad use of good doctrine.” (Duncan)
  8. “Love opens the heart to receive truth.” (Duncan)
  9. “Following Jesus means being willing to give up everything for Him.” (Jon Piper)
  10. “Nothing the world offers will last. Nothing!” (H.B. Charles)
  11. “What we find  as rational is imbedded in a framework of faith.” (Augustinian Apologetics: Mark Allen/Joshua Chatraw)
  12. “We are driven most deeply by what we love.” (Augustinian Apologetics)
  13. “Unfortunately most of our theological thoughts lie under secular understandings.” (Disruptive Witness: Cosper and Nobel)

I still have a lot of time to spend going back through all of my sermon and lecture notes, but I am thankful to have been under so much unashamed Christ centered preaching and teaching.


Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

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