Seven Questions That Trump “That’s Just Your Interpretation”

A couple of months ago, I put the commonly used defeater phrase, “That’s just your interpretation” on trial and found the integrity behind its typical usage woefully lacking. Essentially, those who resort to using it, although I hope they are unaware of such a reality, are acting against the love of both neighbor and God. … Continue reading Seven Questions That Trump “That’s Just Your Interpretation”

On Christian Scholarship: Do Not Assume the Sheep Will Follow

As a church layman I’ve spent the last couple of years intellectually engaging with my faith through Christian scholarship, some of which I’ve found fantastic and some of which I can barely label Christian. Why the hesitation to accept the Christian identity of some scholars? To be a Christian scholar, should imply that one indeed … Continue reading On Christian Scholarship: Do Not Assume the Sheep Will Follow

“That’s Just Your Interpretation” On Trial

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve heard it. You assert that you believe that the Bible teaches a certain doctrine, typically while taking a stance for the historically orthodox position, and the person you are speaking with gives you a scornful look and says, “Well, that’s just your … Continue reading “That’s Just Your Interpretation” On Trial

C.S. Lewis and Faith Deconstruction

Over the last few years there has been a growing movement that encourages Christians to deconstruct their faith, essentially with the process not allowing for one wall of belief to stand tall and to be sure that not even that stubborn foundation of belief remains! Only at that point can the “Christian” (perhaps De-Christian would … Continue reading C.S. Lewis and Faith Deconstruction