A Poem: All Authority

“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.'” (Matthew 28:18)


All authority by God’s own decree

Both heaven and earth belong to Thee

From highest mountain to the depths of sea

From furthest stranger to the depths of me


With just a word He stilled the storm

With just a word  creation must obey

No other must He call

For Christ has formed it all


The prophets Daniel and Isaiah proclaim

A Kingdom given to the Lamb who would be slain

The Son of Man through death wrought gain

The Suffering Servant He shall forever reign


Authority Christ had to laid down His life

Power He had to take it back up

No sheep will He lose

For His call they’ll not refuse


A rod of iron in His hand

A cross of love His great plan

Both lion and lamb

Both God and man


The King of Kings

The Lord of Lords

The Name above all Names


From Him alone light springs

The chasm of sin His blood fords

Jesus Christ forever reigns



Photo by Prince David on Unsplash

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