Should Christians “Just Preach the Gospel”?

In certain circles, the phrase “Just preach the Gospel,” functions more as a conversation stopper rather than any kind of genuine appeal. “We need to talk about racial justice.” Just preach the Gospel. “Have we considered if our message and evangelism is contextualized to our culture while remaining faithful?” Just preach the Gospel. “I’m concerned... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Listening Well

One of the reasons I love Christianity is for its rich anthropological vision. Being a Christian allows us to take the humanity and the personhood of individuals with a seriousness and beauty that few, if any, worldview can. Our fellow humans can never be viewed as merely means to an end, but must always be... Continue Reading →

How to (Never) Get What You Want

Like many ideas and behaviors that are taught in the Christian Scriptures, at first glance, the word “contentment” seems to carry a negative connotation to it. Christians are clearly taught to be content in whatever circumstances we find ourselves (cf. Phil 4, Matt. 7, etc.). If we have food, clothing, and shelter we are to... Continue Reading →

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