An Analogical Interpretation of Genesis 1

When it comes to the many different interpretations of the first chapter of the Bible, well, “I’ve been everywhere man.” Born as a Young Earth Creationist, drifted towards an allegorical mildly evolutionary accommodating poetic understanding, then clung to a Hugh Ross style literalistic Day/Age view, but I never felt satisfied, neither theologically, nor scientifically. Along … Continue reading An Analogical Interpretation of Genesis 1

“That’s Just Your Interpretation” On Trial

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve heard it. You assert that you believe that the Bible teaches a certain doctrine, typically while taking a stance for the historically orthodox position, and the person you are speaking with gives you a scornful look and says, “Well, that’s just your … Continue reading “That’s Just Your Interpretation” On Trial