The Contrast between Christian and Buddhist Art

Art reveals much about a society or culture. It can be used to vividly portray conflict or express memorable protest. It can be fashioned to imaginatively express an ideology’s ideal or to rebelliously push against that underlying narrative. It would be an incomplete description of any time period if that culture’s art was not mentioned. … Continue reading The Contrast between Christian and Buddhist Art

Subversive Fulfillment Evangelism

Navigating culture as followers of Jesus Christ is not something many of us find easy. Evangelizing culture is something we often, in practice, treat as nearly impossible. Sometimes, it’s not even a lack of faith that inhibits our evangelism, but our inability of knowing where to start. While there is no single cut and dry … Continue reading Subversive Fulfillment Evangelism

C.S. Lewis and Jedi Knights

There is just something about Star Wars. From the simple, yet iconic lightsaber, all the way to the stark contrast of a clearly defined external good and evil juxtaposed against a seemingly never ending war between the Light and the Dark within each character’s own heart. Following the absolute cinematic perfection of the most recent … Continue reading C.S. Lewis and Jedi Knights

C.S. Lewis and Faith Deconstruction

Over the last few years there has been a growing movement that encourages Christians to deconstruct their faith, essentially with the process not allowing for one wall of belief to stand tall and to be sure that not even that stubborn foundation of belief remains! Only at that point can the “Christian” (perhaps De-Christian would … Continue reading C.S. Lewis and Faith Deconstruction

The Voices of Other Cultures and Biblical Interpretation

One of the books that  I am currently reading through is Timothy Keller’s book Preaching. In his chapter Preaching Christ to the Culture he discusses the idea that the Bible, as God’s revelation of himself, transcends all fallible human cultures and therefore it is expected that every culture is going to be offended by something … Continue reading The Voices of Other Cultures and Biblical Interpretation