A Poem: By the Will of the Father

Too many times people (myself included) just debate with Scripture, especially on these following truths. I know I often have just sought to defend them and spent too little time glorifying God in them and for them. The further I’ve gone in my walk with the Lord, the more comfort I’ve found in the fact that it is not by my will that I am saved. It is not a point of debate, but of praise. (Romans 9:16 and John 1:13 with Romans 11:33) The following poem was directly inspired (not in the II Timothy 3:16 kind of way!) by reflecting on those referenced passages.


My heart was stone

It had not beat

With Your throne

I thought I’d compete


Dead in sin

No eyes at all

Dead in sin

Blind to the Fall


Like dry bones

Dormant in a grave

Needing Your breath to be saved


If my will be truly free

Lost I’d remain in depravity


Does a new heart come from within?

What good can overcome my sin?


Left to my will

It is Hell I’d choose

Left to my will

My soul I’d surely loose


Left to myself

An enemy of God I’d be

Left to myself

Always the stain of Adam’s seed


If not by You,

I’d never choose

If not by grace

I’d not seek Your face


For You call the dead out of the tomb

For You elected before You placed in the womb


None seek justice

None does good

It must be mercy

Purchased on wood

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